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Antisemitism in the U.S today is at an all-time high – American Jews are only 2% of the population yet are victims to 60% of all religious hate crimes.

In 2019 FBI* recorded over 2,100 antisemitic reports. More than 60% than in 2015. A recent study by AJC** found that Jewish people in the U.S don’t feel safe being Jewish.


of American Jews feel that antisemitism is a problem in the U.S


feel that antisemitism has increased over the last five years


of American Jews think the state of Jewish people in the U.S is less secure

A recent survey by the Claims Conference*** finds a significant lack of Holocaust knowledge among Millennial and Gen Z in the United States


of U.S. Millennial and Gen Z respondents believe Jews caused the Holocaust.


could not name a single concentration camp or ghetto from World War II


thought that two million or fewer Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.


have seen Holocaust denial or distortion posts on social media or online.


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